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Is there anything sexier than a tattoo artist who is also a biker and dominant? Nope. There. Is. Not. And let me tell you, City is the definition of sexy. This man had me panting from the start. He could rescue me any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I loved how he took control, wasn’t going to let Suzie pull her bullshit games and proved to her that looks are deceiving and traits that can be ticked off on a list mean nothing. City stayed true to himself. He didn’t change who he was, but he made himself better. Continue reading

★★★★★ Review from @StoriesandSwag

To be honest, I bounced back and forth between 4☆ or 5☆before writing this review. The questions I ask myself every time I rate a book are *Does it have a cliffhanger? This one is a major one for me because I Loathe cliffhangers more than anything. BUT NO it does not have a cliffhanger. *Was the storyline believable and easy to navigate through without becoming lost in the words? ABSOLUTELY!! *Was it a page turner from the beginning? YEP Are the characters relatable? *Sigh* City is my new book boyfriend HELL YES THEY WERE Would you read this book again? ABSOFUCKINLUTELY! Continue reading

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