Chelle’s Favorite ANGSTY Reads!

February 2, 2016Favorite Reads
Chelle's Favorite Books That'll Have You On The Edge of Your Seat This post is dedicated to one word - ANGST. There's nothing like reading a book that has me gnawing off my finger nails, my heart beating erratically or has me holding my breath. I crave angsty reads. They're my favorite. Here's a list [...]

Looking for something sexy? Chelle’s Favorite Dark Erotica, Kink, and BDSM Reads

January 21, 2016Favorite Reads

It’s super easy to get lost in the world of new releases and the next amazing book to add to your TBR, but there a million books waiting to be discovered. Before the indie publishing craze of two years ago, there were amazing books published by ground breaking writers that threw off the shackles of … Read More

Want Swag?

November 7, 2015News

So I have a TON of bookmarks, postcards, business cards, rack cards etc for the Men of Inked, ALFA PI, and Love at Last series. I know many of you live too far to attend a signing and want some swag. Here’s how to get some: ▶All you need to do is send me a … Read More

The Club Series! Have you stepped inside?

August 15, 2015News

WHAT IS THE CLUB SERIES?Each month a different author will write a story that takes place in The Club.Click here to see all the available books on AmazonNothing satisfies me anymore. I’d abandoned my dreams of making it big in New York, freed myself from my last relationship, and swallowed my pride by returning to … Read More

Suck it up Buttercup! Bad reviews can be good.

June 26, 2015Writing

How honest reviews, even bad ones, can be more valuable than a 5 star! We’ve all been there. Sitting on pins and needles, waiting for bloggers to read our next release. We’re pacing, checking our e-mail and messages constantly, hoping for anything that tells us we got it right. But then it happens. Someone didn’t … Read More

So you want to sign at an event? Here are some things I’ve learned.

June 9, 2015Writing

There’s been a lot of buzz about author events recently and I wanted to throw a couple things out there. There are so many misconceptions, unrealistic hopes, and harsh realities that many do not understand.Here are a few questions I’ve been asked and what I’ve learned thus far.Am I going to make money at an … Read More