It's super easy to get lost in the world of new releases and the next amazing book to add to your TBR, but there a million books waiting to be discovered. Before the indie publishing craze of two years ago, there were amazing books published by ground breaking writers that threw off the shackles of traditional publishing and typed their little fingers to the bone to give the reader a book they couldn't find anywhere else.

The Fifty Shades by EL James explosion brought millions of new reads to the genre and publishing started to pick up pace. But I want to go back... back before there were millions of indie fans out there clamoring for the next anticipated release. Back to a time when great stories stole my breath and I had to wait months, if not a year, for the next in the series to be published.

I want to open your eyes to some of the greatest romance books I've ever read. Each person on this list makes my heart go pitter patter when they hit publish. They're an auto-buy for me. I don't read the blurb or care if the cover has a sack of potatoes on it. I just blindly one-click.

Kitty Thomas

If you're saying, "Who?" I'm on the other side of the screen yelling at you as if my Browns are losing the Superbowl. Do you call yourself a "Dark Erotica" fan? If you do and don't know Kitty, you should hang your head in shame.

Kitty gave the ultimate mind-fuck before it was a thing.

I'll never forget the first time I cracked open a Kitty Thomas book, it took a lot of nudging and harassment from a reader friend that I trusted implicitly, to finally make me read the first page. As soon as I started I couldn't stop. Once I stepped inside Kitty's mind, I wanted more. I had to read everything she ever created. I needed to devour her characters and walk inside their world. There's nothing like a Kitty book. Nothing. Afterward, I wasn't sure if I needed a psychiatric exam, because there's no way I should've loved it as much as I did. If you love some dark sexiness with a side of WTF, then Kitty's your woman.

CJ Roberts

Once I became a fan of Dark Reads and realized I wasn't a sicko, I couldn't get enough of them. Another one of my all time favorite dark writers is the amazing CJ Roberts. Captive in the dark was my first dip into the twisted, demented, and supremely sexy mind of CJ. God, I can still remember the angst I felt when Livvy woke up, blindfolded and bound. I thought, "OMG, I hate Caleb. What a freaking asshole." But in true CJ fashion, by the time the book was over I was in love and swooning, ready to fend off any reader that claimed him as their own. Why is that so fucked up?? Well, Caleb is the man that kidnapped 'Kitten'. You'll have to read the book to understand. Lucky for you, it's a trilogy and all the books are out. I had to wait forever for each book to be released. Every snippet and sneak peek was like torture, but it was worth the wait. This is a must read series.

Joey W. Hill

Joey writes about the most divine alpha males. They work together and play together 😉 Sometimes I just want something dirty, but beautiful and Joey's my girl. Back in the day, it wasn't so easy to find Joey's books. They were spread across websites and retailers. I have some on my Kindle and a few on my Nook. I wanted to read more of the Knights that I searched the internet high and low until I found each and every one of them. They're that good. If you're looking for something sexy... Read the Knight of the Boardroom.

Cherise Sinclair

Cherise. The name alone rolls off my tongue and makes my body tingle. Her Club Shadowlands series is to die for. You read that right. To freaking die for. Every time she releases a new book, I drop everything I'm doing to read it. I don't care if I have a book coming out in a week... It's Shadowlands time. The entire series is set in Club Shadowlands, a BDSM Members-Only Club in Tampa. Each book is centered on a new dom, but the cast from previous books are inside. You get to follow them on their journey and fall in love with every kinky one of them. From her mistress' to masters... I love every single character she writes. They're beautiful and flawed, yet lovable and sexy. If you're looking for an amazing series that you won't want to end... Shadowlands if your gang. Don't fear PNR fans, Cherise writes books for you too!
FAVORITE BOOK: Every Shadowlands Book on the market today!

Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Masters of Menage. Need I say more? I didn't think so. Fuck these books are hot. Talk about alpha hotness. Dex, Gavin and Slade have it in spades. Did I mention virgins? I mean Ja-sus. Read these books. I can't even begin to discuss the wick sexiness inside these pages. I just can't. Just read the damn series and you'll understand why. There are 7 books in this series and it's perfect to fill an entire vacation.
FAVORITE BOOK: Their Virgin Captive

Annabel Joseph

Ever meet an author and stare at them, blinking away the haze, while trying to figure out how they write such dirty books? That was me with the amazing Annabel Joseph. Her books aren't for the faint of heart. She doesn't write 'sugar-kink'. Her books are raw, gritty, and a little twisted, but completely wicked and sinful at the same time. She looks so sweet and innocent, but her books are anything but... yep, that's Annabel. If you haven't read her brand of BDSM, you're fucking missing out.
FAVORITE BOOK: Firebird & The Comfort Series

Other Favorite Kink Reads...

Check back next Wednesday when I reveal my all time favorite ANGSTY reads.
We love to hate them!


  • OMG!!! I love this Chelle! And you’ve named authors I LOVE and one I didn’t know about, but am going to one-click NOW!!!! Your descriptions are priceless! Thanks. And I couldn’t have said anything better than what you did about Cherise! She is the High Priestess!!

  • Thanks so much first for all the effort you put forth to keep us happy with your books but also for this post today. I love finding new authors to read and today is th e perfect day for me, cold, over cast, windy. A perfect day for a snuggle and some new books. Have a good one and thanks again.

  • I totally agree with you. This list has some of my all time favourite authors who I was reading years before 50 shades. Thank you

    PS so excited we share some favourite authors

  • This was so awesome Chelle – Thank you. You’ve name a few of my fav authors and a few that I’d never heard of. Thinking I will be looking them up now too. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next time. xxxx

  • I have picked up reading again after retiring from the Army a year ago. I have read lots of books but I guess I will not have to ask what to read for a minute. Thanks Chelle.

  • While CJ Roberts is new to me, I’ve read the entire catalog of all the other authors. These ladies are some of my favorite writers active today, each for very different takes on the erotica genre. I can’t encourage people enough to read all the books by these authors. They’ve made me want to cling to my kindle or run away from it, in the same book, and definitely left me thinking about the characters and their stories for days and weeks after. I could rhapsodize about these authors and their books for days. As one reader to the next, that’s one of the biggest endorsements we can give.

  • I am always looking for exciting new “steamy reads.” Thanks for sharing this list with your readers. I just finished a really good book called “Boredom or Love Till the Very End” by author Andrey Rider ( This book is rated NC-17!! Provocative, uninhibited, super sexual and a lot of fun. The reason I enjoyed it so much because not only is it a really addictive fiction novel it is also considered a self help book. Feel like your relationship needs some passion? Then this is a must read! After I read this I was ready to bring some of these scenarios to the bedroom 🙂 Can’t recommend it enough!

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