So I have a TON of bookmarks, postcards, business cards, rack cards etc for the Men of Inked, ALFA PI, and Love at Last series. I know many of you live too far to attend a signing and want some swag. Here’s how to get some:

All you need to do is send me a self addressed, stamped #10 size envelope with TWO stamps on it (the same kind you pay your bills with – littler ones are too small for the bookmarks, and bigger ones need way more postage). You send it, I’ll put the swag in there and send it back.

If you want more than one set of swag (for a friend, or to give away on a blog), just send me more than one envelope. (If you only want swag from a particular series – put a small note inside. Otherwise I'll just send you a little of everything.)

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL READERS: Your postage won’t work here, so you can either send me an international postal reply coupon (which you may be able to buy at your post office) OR you can send me $2 US cash. I’ll use it to cover the postage back. Just don’t send me your international stamps because they’ll go to waste.

If you would like personalized book plates (stickers that I’ll write on and send back to you) for your paperbacks, just throw in a copy of your paperback receipt for me or a picture of you holding the book – or email it to blissmanslave@gmail.com. I’ll send back the book plates along with the swag.

So, here is the address for your self addressed, stamped envelopes:

Chelle Bliss
PO Box 1218
Elfers, FL 34680

P.S. Please allow 2-3 weeks from the time you mail your envelope.