No matter how hard I tried to push her away, fate thrust us together again.

Screw relationships. My motto: Hit it and quit it. Simple worked. Feelings weren’t on the line, hearts weren’t able to be broken, and I could keep my life simple.

My friends told me to move on and find the “one,” but I wasn’t ready to love again.

Until I met her. A dirty-mouthed temptress with a killer body that had me questioning everything. I knew I could ruin her forever, but not without losing myself. I wouldn’t do it..

But Georgia Phillips was innocent, pure, and total perfection. I wouldn’t be the one to strip her bare and break her heart. I swore I’d never call another woman mine, but that was before I almost lost her…

Warning: If you can't handle a cocky bad boy or a badass chick with a dirty mouth, this might not be the book for you.


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My brain buzzed from the six tequila shots I’d had before I called uncle. Georgia didn’t seem drunk at all. When she called the waitress over, ready to order shot number seven, I gave in.

The entire time we drank, we talked and laughed. One thing I learned was that not only was she drop-dead gorgeous, but she was witty. She’d be a deadly combination to my heart. I had to keep reminding myself that she was too young. I couldn’t let myself touch her.

City and Sunshine decided to drive us home. As I slid out of the car, Georgia followed, catching me totally by surprise.

“What are you doing?” I asked, turning around just as the rain began to fall.

“I live far and you’re closer to the bar.” Her body swayed in the raindrops. “I thought, in the morning, you could take me to get my car.” Her chin dipped before she averted her gaze. Her face was almost hidden by the wet strands of her hair, but I could see her smile.

My reply should’ve been, “Get your ass back in the car and sleep it off at Sunshine’s.” But that wasn’t the case.

I was horny and buzzed and her dress had started to soak through. As she stood there with her nipples erect, her outfit drenched, and my dick hard as a fuckin’ rock, I said, “Sounds good to me.”

Way to go, genius.

We weren’t even inside my house five minutes before our mouths collided. Fireworks went off behind my eyelids, the nerve endings in my body became hyperaware of her touch, and my buzz amplified when I tasted her.

Taking a step forward, I backed her up against the wall and kissed her with more force and need than I’d ever experienced before.